According to the philosophies of antiquity, everything we see is a combination of fire, earth, air, and water. The philosophies of the Middle East and the Far East made these elements the foundation of their information packages, and they based their philosophies about everything from health to architecture on these elements. Carl Gustav Jung used these four elements as a foundation for grouping types of people, making four main  categories of human characteristics: feeling (fire), the five senses (earth), reason (air) and intuition (water).

This approach has been used for many years in various studies on leadership, teams and groups that examine humans, which are a part of nature, and their behavior.

Using this perspective, we’ve created the 4 Elements : Power of Nature in Coaching program by combining the qualities of the four elements with coaching competencies.. Our goal with this program is to empower Coaches with new coaching approaches and tools so that they can help their clients to use their full potentials and reframe situations with the perspective of 4 Elements to move forward.

4 Elements : Power of Nature in Coaching  has been qualified as CCE – Continuous Coach Education.  The 3 virtual  modules, contain 5  workshop days 42 hours in total. Participants who successfully complete the program will gain  29  Core Competency hours and 13 Resource Development   hours of Continuous Coach Education Units.

Coaches who complete this program will:

Consist of 3 Main Modules

  • One on one meeting with program leaders
  • Collecting participants’ biographies
  • Designing joint-study groups

  • Introduction to the 4 Elements Coaching Model,
  • Qualities of 4 Elements,
  • Feminine & Masculine Energies through the lens of 4 Elements,
  • Integration to NEW ICF Core Competencies,
  • Coaching  practices and feedback

  • Working with Shadows,
  • Shadow qualities of 4 Elements,
  • Introductions to B.E.D. Model (Body,Emotion,Discourse),
  • Being fully Present and responsive as a Coach,
  • Coaching practices and feedback

  • Implementing 4 Elements Coaching Model in Systems ( such as; groups, teams, organizations),
  • Exploring relationship dimension of 4 Elements,
  • Integration to ICF Core Team Coaching Competencies,
  • Coaching practices and feedback


  • 3 Virtual modules , first two lasting 2 days , and last module lasting 1 day.  Participants will access to a Virtual library  of  various tools and references. They  will practice the new tools and skills through practicum sessions in between training modules.


The program has been designed for Coaches at least with 3 years of experience who would like to deepen their coaching skills with the wisdom of 4 Elements.