As in all scientific fields, there has been growth and progress over the last thirty years in coaching and we’ve witnessed the professional field take shape. One vital field which stood out among them beyond expectation has been leadership coaching.

Using this perspective, we’ve created the I.C. Integral Coaching ™ program by combining corporate or individual entrepreneurship as needed along with our experience in the leadership field. Our goal with I.C. Integral Coaching ™ is to provide support for all leaders by training leadership coaches who will help shape the future. As for our vision, we hope to move forward with our coaching applicants who aim to have a positive effect on organizations as well as support leaders and their teams now and in the future setting. 


Coaches who complete this program will:

Consist of 5 Main Modules

  • One on one meeting with program leaders,
  • Collecting participant’s biographies,
  • Assigning program coach,
  • Creating joint-study groups

  • The 3 days Essentials module starts the Integral Coaching journey by providing core terminology of Coaching and Integral Methodology. In this module, the focus is to set the foundation, provide baseline information on Integral Model and also compatible with ICF Coaching Competencies, set essential skills in action with excessive coaching practices as well as getting feedback.

  • The 3 days Process module focuses on the use of Quadrants- Four-Dimensional Lens as a coaching tool from a Feeling-Mind-Body perspective. The critical learning objective in this module is to move the client from “doing” to “being”. Including physical exercises, participants will be able to look in deep and understand how body, mind and feelings are in a dynamic, cohesive relation by experience. As in all other modules, coaching practices and gathering feedback/supervision sessions are in place.

  • The 3 days Deep Diving module puts Coach and Client at heart as personalities. Understanding the Coach and Client from an integral perspective, focusing on the value set behind, and using core coaching skills as listening or powerful questions within the Quadrants structure are main topics of the module. Coaching practices and gathering feedback/supervision sessions are also in place.

  • The 3 days Spirit module starts with our perception of World as Coach and human from five elements/five ring perspective; and within this framework provides a roadmap for Coach on how to use the energy generated from inner interactions of elements in coaching practice. Coaching practices and gathering feedback/supervision sessions are also in place.

  • The last 3 days Alchemy module is about putting all base skills, knowledge, learnings and experiences together and transforming into an Integral Coaching Journey. “The Integral Coaching Map” is presented at this stage. This module. with the “trust the process” mindset, encourages participants to use their skills, start “Hero’s Journey” and having at hand “The Integral Coaching Map”. being not afraid of getting lost.


  • Intensive Coaching Hours consisting of 5 modules in-person experiential workshops. Participants are required to attend and complete all sessions in the program year they are registered for,
  • The ınternatıonal faculty wıll joın the program


This training is suitable for any individual who are looking to help others achieve their goals and dreams. And also experienced coaches who have been working as a coach and want to take it to the next level. Also HR professional who wants to go further in her career, learn how to resolve challenges and inspire those working in organization.