Mevlana Şems

One night, while searching for Mevlana, Shams found him sitting by a pool, deep in thought. “What are you doing?” he asked. Mevlana replied, “I am watching the stars reflecting on the water.” Shams paused for a moment, then said with a laugh: “Then why don’t you look up at the sky?” When we face reality, are we brave enough to accept it, strong enough to bear it? In fact, knowledge comes with a great responsibility. Every person whose lives we touch, knowingly and unknowingly, carries a piece of us. This requires living wisely, not selfishly. Wise people do not meet their fate with a humble resignation, nor do they lose their childlike excitement by obsessing over the details. As they sense the real identities behind the masks, nothing is as it seems; They know what the paradoxes mean in the picture drawn by the divine hand, and act accordingly. With grace, joy and pleasure… This is the meaning hidden in the motto of Sems, the unique Sun of Tabriz, “Walk without feet, fly without wings”. Because it is possible to solve the truth not with the mind, but with the mind of the heart that opens like a flower, with every touch of love. When you are in a deadlock, raise your face to the sky by isolating yourself from all thoughts, past and future worries, without being disheartened. You are a part of that vast infinity. The stars will die, but your soul will live. Let the future decide the future… Source unknown