After years of specialization in leadership development, we’ve overhauled  I.L. Integral Leadership ™, upon predicting the fast changes required in today’s age.

We can foresee today’s leaders as modern champions who are competent in many fields, able to use discipline dynamically, and possess  a strong imagination.

Flexibility, agility, endurance, diversity, inclusion and awareness of unconscious bias have surpassed conventional and long standing traditions used to date, and have become the primary leadership skills.


I.L. Integral Leadership ™ program, forges leaders who can,

Supports leaders with,

C-SUITE Consist Of There Modules

  • Looking over and adapting program details in accordance with participants’ requests


  • Familiarization and grasping the dynamics of I.C. Integral Leadership ™,
  • Internalization of "4 dimensional lens" approach with real world experience,
  • Difficulties and implementations of leadership,
  • Areas of improvement,
  • Study topics and assignments

  • Online group study,
  • 1-1 laser coaching by assigned coach on module 1 outcomes,
  • Continuing personal projects and preparation of outcomes

  • Identifying the dynamics and dilemmas of the organization,
  • Recognizing decision making mechanisms and the dynamics of action process proactively,
  • Black Box - Understanding how the edge of consciousness affects decision making then taking control

  • Online group study,
  • 1-1 laser coaching by assigned coach on module 2 outcomes,
  • Continuing personal projects and preparation of outcomes

  • Putting together a roadmap which can implement and maintain I.C. Integral Leadership ™ approach,
  • Designing a process to track progress in leadership difficulties,
  • Finalizing steps of action and control,
  • Continuation of laser coaching and closure


  • 3 modules for a total of 5 days and integration of knowledge with real world practice between modules,
  • Unifying organization life with support from professional coaches between modules,
  • Conveyance of essential and internationally recognized knowledge about application of integral and systemic approach.


For leaders who know and have experience with different forms of leadership and wish to expand their current capability to encompass the future